Country: Europe / Romania

Country: Europe / Romania

Trip style: Tineri

Comfort level: Standard

Level of physical activity: 2




  • Conacul lui Maldar (Maldar Manor):

Maldar Manor invites you to discover the manorial charms of olden Oltenia!

Located on the lower slopes of Magura Slatioara in Maldaresti, Maldar Manor opens the gates of an authentic kula, preserving all its specific architectural details.

Each of the manor’s 15 rooms has its own tale, illustrated by charming details: authentic vintage furniture, traditional tapestries and carpets, dowry chests and starched linen.

  •  Pensiunea La Ogre (“La Ogre” Guest House):

Surrounded by a garden full of flowers and fruit trees, endowed with a pool with an electrolysis-based water purification installation and with rooms having simple and functional furniture, the “La Ogre” Guest House warmly welcomes its guests, giving them the opportunity to spend their holidays or weekends at Horezu, in the Sub-Carpathian hills area, on the lower slopes of the Capatanii mountains.

  •  La Conac – Horezu:

The manor was built with love so that the guests will feel that they spend their time in a special place, uniquely designed for them, with special interior decorations, accessories and furniture, reminiscent of traditional Romanian lordly house;




  • Conacul lui Maldar (Maldar Manor):

Maldar Manor invites you to discover the manorial charms of olden Oltenia! Located on the lower slopes of Magura Slatioara in Maldaresti, Maldar Manor opens the gates of an authentic kula, preserving all their specific architectural details.

Started by legends, table talk spreads and sparks your appetite. The restaurant awaits you with traditional Oltenian treats, and also with refined international recipes – inspired by the fancy menus of the boyards of old.

  • Sebastian Villa:

Neighbouring the Cozia Monastery and 100 m away from the Caciulata Balneary Complex, Sebastian Villa offers all the services for an unforgettable holiday. The restaurant provides a unique panoramic overview of the resort, and awaits you with savory dishes.

  • Pensiunea Domnitei Restaurant:

Pensiunea Domnitei is situated in the Caciulata Resort. Each morning, guests can have breakfast on the panorama porch, overlooking the grand pool. The guest house’s bar and restaurant serves Romanian and international cuisine.

  • The Camelot Terrace:

The Camelot Terrace is an ideal choice if you wish to spend the sunny summer days in a holiday atmosphere, with high-standard endowments, savory dishes, tasty cocktails, harmony and ambient music, a true oasis of quiet and relaxation to take you out of the city’s monotony.

Day 1

07:00 Departure from Bucharest by coach. Meeting at Unirii Square, Hotel Horoscop

11:30 Arrival in the locality of Horezu, Valcea district

12:15 Visiting the Hurezi Monastery – UNESCO site

Founded by the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu, the Monastery of Hurezi represents the most beautiful and refined sample of Romanian architecture, being included in the UNESCO heritage in 1995.

13:30 Departure to the Manor

14:00 Traditional lunch at the Manor

The domain, located near Horezu, at the feet of Magura Slatioara of Maldaresti, opens the doors to its authentic kula, where every corner tells tales of ladies and knights.

15:30 Departure for the Trovants Museum

16:00 Visiting the Trovants Museum Nature Reserve

Find here the mysterious trovants, impressive by their dimensions, ranging from 2 cm to 5 m and by their bizarre shape.

17:00 Pottery demonstration

Pottery is a craft transmitted from our ancestors ever since the Neolithic era, approximately 5,000 BC, with multiple archaeological proofs of its practice in Romania. Pottery is considered a means of expressing and materializing artistic abilities.

18:30 Dinner at the guest house

19:30 Check-in at the guest house

With a terrace and an orchard providing a wonderful view regardless of the season, the guest house warmly welcomes us. We enjoy here bio and traditional dishes, many of them prepared by our host.

20:00 Spare time in the locality


Day 2

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Departure to the shop. Gearing up for the hiking.

09:30 Departure for Cozia Monastery

11:00 Visiting the Cozia Monastery

Bathed to the East by the waves of the Olt river, built by Moravia craftsmen, after the model of the Serbian church in Crusevat, of hard white stone, the Cozia Monastery stands proudly, inaugurated by the ruler Mircea the Elder.

12:00 Departure for Caciulata

12:15 Start of hiking on mountain trail (difficulty easy – average) – visiting the Stanisoara Monastery, the Cozia National Park.

The Cozia National Park stretches across 17,000 hectares and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and spectacular parks in our country, due to its amazing scenery, its rich fauna and flora.

14:30 Visiting the Stanisoara Monastery

Found in the locality of Calimanesti, on the versant of the Cozia Mountain, on the left bank of the river Olt, in the district of Valcea, the Stanisoara Monastery is a cloister found in a quiet and withdrawn natural background, surrounded by tempting natural beauties.

15:00 Lunch in the middle of nature

15:30 Departure for the coach

19:00 Arrival at the coach

19:30 Dinner on the terrace

Within the terrace we relax at the pool, in a holiday atmosphere.

21:30 Departure for the guest house

23:00 Arrival at the guest house


Day 3

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Check-out from the guest house

10:00 Departure for the Maldaresti Museum Complex

10:15 Visiting the Maldaresti Museum Complex

The kulas of Maldaresti are fortified aristocratic houses built by the Maldaresti family as dwellings and fortresses against the Turk invasion of the time. They are called Greceanu and Duca by the names of their last owners. They represent Romanian architectural monuments, where one can admire the artistry and deftness of craftsmen nearly 500 years ago.

11:00 Departure for the Village Museum

12:00 Visiting the Village Museum

The Valcea Village Museum has outlined its thematic profile ever since 1974, in a shape of a museum meant to rebuild, over a surface of 8 hectares, the functional image of a traditional rural dwelling, with all its social-cultural institutions.

13:30 Departure for Bucharest

14:30 Lunch in Deluesti

16:00 Departure for Bucharest

19:30 Arrival in Bucharest, Unirii Square, Hotel Horoscop

Price -  240 EURO / person Groups up to 20 people

             £ 171 / person


  • Transfers and transportation according to the route (including driver expenses, fuels, fees and parking)
  • 2 nights of accommodation in guest house / hotel
  • Meals included: 3 breakfasts, 1 dinner, 1 take away lunch
  • Traditional boyard’s lunch at Maldar Manor
  • Travel guide
  • Mountain guide for the Stanisoara Monastery trail
  • Tourist and mountain guide for the hiking day in the Cozia National Park
  • Pottery demonstration



What is not Included:

  • Drinks and tips
  • Meals that are not specified as included
  • Entrance fees for museums, galleries, monuments, etc



  • Additional optional packages are available at your disposal, if you would like to enrich your experience in a country that is so loved by Prince Charles! Thus, you can add 3 extra days by adding “Adventure in Bucharest – The hidden jewel” and/or 3 extra days by including “Adventure in Brasov – Extreme”.
  • All our packages can be customized according to your on your chosen holiday period, specific needs or special requests.
  • Subject to accommodation availability, the itinerary can be modified. Sights will be visited in a different order
  • Flight tickets are provide on request
  • Your registration will be confirmed once a payment of 50%of the total package value is confirmed by us. The difference must be paid prior arrival (minimum 21 days).
  • If you cancel for any reason, the advance shall be released only if you’ll find a substitute, or we will keep it as a deposit for your next adventures.

The Hurezi Monastery

Built between 1690 and 1693 by the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu, the Hurezi Monastery is the largest monastic complex in Romania. Located in the North-Western part of the Valcea District, at the feet of the Capatanii Mountains, the monastery was dedicated to the Emperor Saints Constantine and Helen. Considered to be the most beautiful and refined sample of Romanian architecture, representative for the Brancovenesc style, the monastery was included in the UNESCO heritage in 1995.


The Trovants Museum Nature Reserve

At the entrance to the village of Costesti, on a surface of 1.1 hectares, there lies the geological nature reserve the Trovants Museum. The term “trovant” is specific for the Romanian geological literature and it was introduced by Gh. Murgoci in his work “The Tertiary in Oltenia, 1907″. The trovants or sandstone concretions represent local cementations in the mass of the sands containing them, and the non-uniform secretion of cement leads to their varying shapes and dimensions, sometimes truly bizarre.


The Maldaresti Museum Complex

In the commune of Maldaresti, approximately 4 km away from the Horezu, within a picturesque natural setting, there lies the “Maldaresti Museum Complex” containing the Greceanu and Duca “kulas”, as well as the I. G. Duca Memorial House. The Maldaresti Museum Complex is part of the National Cultural Heritage holding typical buildings for the civilian architecture in Oltenia, alongside over 3,000 high-value ethnographic items: port, textiles, wood, ceramic (from the centers of Horezu, Slatioara, Daiesti, Targu Mures, Oboga), objects that belonged to the Duca family (furniture, paintings, photographs, books, the collection of Olga Greceanu’s 20 heritage paintings).


The Cozia Monastery

Located on the banks of the Olt river, to the north of the hydro-climatic resort of Calimanesti-Caciulata, the Cozia Monastery is harmoniously proportioned, with rich ornamentation, having been built by Moravia masters, after the model of the Serbian church in Crusevat. The monastery, inaugurated by the ruler Mircea the Elder, is patronized by the “Holy Trinity” and represents one of the most beautiful monastic complexes in Romania.


The Stanisoara Monastery

At the feet of the Cozia massif, on the territory of the locality of Calimanesti in the district of Valcea, there lies the monastery of Stanisoara, patronized by “Saint George”. Up to the 18th century, the monastery was called “Nucet”, afterwards being called “Stanisoara” (Sheepfoldling), from the sheepfolds present in this elevated area. The monastic settlement of Stanisoara is a very remote one, with access rather difficult, but the very beautiful natural setting makes the monastery worth every effort of visiting.


The Calimanesti-Caciulata Resort

The Calimanesti-Caciulata resort is considered the “pearl” of all the resorts on the Olt river valley, thanks to its mirific landscapes that can be admired in this area of Romania, being situated on the right bank of the Olt river. From the entire area of the resort, almost half is covered in the extensive broadleaf and coniferous forests. Calimanesti-Caciulata is a hydro-climatic resort that was first documented in 1386 and which is internationally renowned. Upon the recommendation of doctor Carol Davila, Napoleon the Third would follow treatments with mineral water brought from the springs here.


The Bujoreni Village Museum

The model of traditional rural settlements with its social and cultural institutions has set up its thematic profile since 1969 and entered the visiting tourist circuit in 1974. The museum observes all the constitutive factors of a truly living local village, being daily brought to life by its visitors. You will find here the households and community buildings, transferred from various localities in the district, placed considering the area’s relief in such a way that nothing should inspire a premeditatedly idyllic attitude. The households, making the most of traditional activities, crafts, folk techniques and specialized buildings, are able to offer the unaltered image of a Valcea village.


The Cozia Natural Park

With a surface of 17,100 de ha, the Cozia Natural Park lies on the centre-south part of the Meridional Carpathians Mountains. The limits of the park overlay the eastern side of the Capatanii Mountains, over the Cozia Massif and over the South-Eastern part of the Lotru Mountains. with its rich vegetation and fauna, the Cozia Natural Park offers its visitors dream-like scenery.




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